Valves Market Generated Revenue Of About $60.56 Billion In 2017 Growing With CAGR Of 3.60% During Forecast Period 2018-2023

According to the new market research report by IndustryARC titled “Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market: By Application (Automotive, Electronics, Others); By Valve Type (Control, Isolation, Others); By Actuator Type (Hydraulic, Electric, Others); By Positioner Type (Pneumatic, Electro Pneumatic) & By Geography – (2018-2024)”, the global Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.60%, 4.52%, 4.21% to reach US$79.12 billion, $50.89 billion and $1.68 billion respectively by 2025.

APAC continues to lead the market share and growth during 2018-2024

The highest growth for Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market is forecast in the APAC region due to the projected demand in the manufacturing segment in this region. The total valve market revenue in 2017 was $60.56 billion, out of which the APAC contributed to almost 34% of the overall market share, generating a revenue of $20.67 billion. The overall Actuator market in 2017 generated a revenue of about $36.63 billion. The Automobile industry was one of the major contributors to the revenue generated. The APAC region held the highest market share in the overall market, generating a revenue of about $11.96 billion in 2017. Growing economy in the APAC region such as China, India, Taiwan and so on, is one of the major driving factors for this market. The revenue generated by global positioner market in 2017 is about $1.24 billion. APAC occupies the highest market share, contributing to about 33.38% of overall Positioner market share.

Selected Industrial Vertical Analysis done in the full Report:

The major applications of Valves are in Oil & Gas industry, Power Generation, Water & Waste Water Treatment, Chemicals, Automobile, Aerospace, Mining and Marine industries. The Industries where Valves are extensively used can be divided into two segments- Commercial Sector and Industrial Sector. In the commercial sector, Aerospace industry is one of the leading segment and is expected to reach $2.31 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 1.28%. The Automobile industry is one of the largest consumers of Valves in the Commercial sector and is expected to reach $3.16 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 7.38%. The increase in disposable income and lifestyle of consumers will drive the need for new vehicles manufactured. Hence, demand for Valves, which are used in Control applications in automobiles, will increase. For the Industrial sector, Valves used in Power Plants is expected to reach $8.05 billion by 2024 growing at the rate of 5.29%. Solar PV power generation is one of the new industries and is in its growth stage.

Actuators in the Chemical Industry occupied the major market share totaling $8.67 billion in 2017 and are growing at a CAGR of 5.06% to reach $12.49 billion by 2024

The Positioners Market in Power industry generated a revenue of $0.16 billion in 2017, growing with CAGR of 5.9% and is estimated to generate a revenue of $0.25 billion by 2024. Pneumatic Positioners occupied the second highest market share generating a revenue of $0.34 billion in 2017, Electro-Pneumatic Positioners generated highest market revenue of $0.57 billion. Pneumatic and Electro-Pneumatic positioners are growing with a CAGR of 3.60% and 5.02% respectively.

Excerpts Growth Factors Mentioned in the Full Report:

  • Increasing R&D Developments in the Chemical industry and new applications of synthetic products is driving the Actuators market.

  • In the past few decades, the number of industries and players in each industry has increased substantially, demanding huge amount of power. Coping with the scarcity of power, the governments of various countries like the U.K, South Africa, Japan, America and others are taking initiatives to increase the capacity of existing power plants and have sanctioned projects to construct new power plants. As these power plants drive the use of valves and actuators, which in turn drive the VAP market growth.

  • The increasing demand for valves, actuators and positioners in the chemical and nuclear power industry to monitor the leakage of harmful chemicals and radiative materials results in the rising demand and growth of the VAP Market.

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Key players of Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market:

Pentair is the market leader in the Valves market and having about 9% of the overall share of the Valves market. Emerson is a prominent player in the control valves segment while Cameron manufactures Valves which mostly serve the Oil & Gas industry. Rotork Controls is the top player in the Actuator market contributing to almost 18.5% of the overall industrial sector market share. AUMA is specialized in the manufacture of electric actuators, whereas, Moog and Curtiss-Wright Corp. are the major actuator manufacturers for the aerospace industry.















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Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market Report is Segmented as indicated below.

  • Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market By Type of Valves:

  1. Type

  2. Degree of Rotation

  • Multi-Turn Valves ( Gate, Globe, Fixed Cone, Needle, Pinch, Annular and Diaphragm Valves )

  • Quarter-Turn Valves ( Ball, Butterfly, Spherical and Plug Valves )

  1. Function ( Regulation, Isolation, Non-Return, Special and Others

  • Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market By Actuator Type

  1. Electric Actuators

  2. Pneumatic Actuators

  3. Hydraulic Actuators

  4. Manual Actuators

  • Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market By Positioner Type

  1. Pneumatic Positioner

  2. Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

  3. Electronic

  4. Digital

  • Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market By Industry

  1. Aerospace and Defense

  2. Automobile

  3. Marine

  4. Oil & Gas

  5. Mining

  6. Water Treatment

  7. Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

  8. Pharmaceutical

  9. Power

  10. Pulp & Paper

  11. Food & Beverages

  12. Bio-Technology

  13. Others

  • Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market By Geography ( Covers 27+ Countries )

  • Valves, Actuators and Positioners Market Entropy

  • Company Profiles

  • Appendix: Abbreviations, Sources, Research Methodology, Bibliography, Compilation of Experts, Disclaimer.

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