Visible Light Communication Market Expected to Increase at 125.25% CAGR to register revenue of $901.23 million by 2023.

In the Report Visible Light Communications (VLC) Market: By Components (Access Points, Station Points); By Applications (Underwater Communication, Indoor, Outdoor); By End-User Industry (Transportation, Retail, Commercial, Hospitals & Others) & By Geography – (2017-2022)published by IndustryARC, the market is driven by customers adoption of smart LED combined with VLC technology, thus providing an alternative communication technology market to grow extensively.

Europe market dominates with major share and growth in the Visible Light Communication Market

Europe remained the significant market for VLC developments in 2017. The visible light communications market for Europe will dominate at a growing CAGR of 119.49% to reach value of $545.41 million by 2023. Americas region for visible light communications market is estimated to have a rapid growth rate of CAGR 142% to reach a value of $261.11 million by 2023 from $1.3 million in 2017. U.S. is the early adopter of the VLC technology in the Americas region and has been improving the technology penetration across all the industry. Asia-Pacific will face lower adoption of vision light communication products as low awareness regarding the benefits of these products will hinder the penetration. The APAC market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 130.45% to reach a value of $104.84 million by 2023.

Selected Component Analysis done in the full Report:

Visible light communications technology is categorized into two components that include Access Points and Stations Points. Access points segment is the dominating segment for visible light communication market. The Access point market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 116.7% to reach value of $508.78 million by 2023. Light source such as fluorescent light, LED, light spectrum and others are used for illumination and transmitting photonic signals simultaneously. In Access Station market, the retail segment is the leading segment to gain highest revenue in the market. Station point segment is the fastest growing segment, increasing at CAGR of 144.08% to reach value of $401.74 million by 2023. In station point market, commercial segment is the leading vertical and is expected to continue its dominance for the forecast period of 2018-2023.

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Excerpts on Market Growth Factors

  • Improvement in performance of efficient and durable LED light base for industrial and domestic applications for indoor and outdoor use coupled with advancement in technology created scope for development of VLC systems.

  • Strong increasing demand in indoor positioning and monitoring systems in end use sector, and personalised services, high bandwidth requirements will help the market to grow further.

  • Rapid adoption of communication technology and exponential increase in the number of internet users is projected to drive the market in next few years.

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Key players of the Visible Light Communication Market

OLEDCOMM S.A.S, PureLiFi, Firefly Wireless Networks, and Axrtek are the dominant players in the visible light communication market. OLEDCOMM S.A.S. such lists of products its offering SINCEEEE are GEOLiFi and LiFiNET used in applications like Museums and Art Gallery, Retails, Hospitals, Offices and Smartcities. PureLiFi Ltd. has product like LiFi – X and Li-Flame. The product are used for Mobile Connectivity, Smart Lighting, Hazardous Environments, RF light Spectrum Relief, Vehicles and Transportation and Location based Services. Firefly Wireless Networks comprises products as Office SecureLink, M2M SecureLink, Transit SecureLink, Vehicle SecureLink used for Secure Network Access, Factories, Consumer electronics, Hospitals, Vehicles, Train stations, Underwater Applications, nuclear and public utilities and others.

Visible Light Communication Market report is segmented as below

  1. Visible Light Communications Market – By Components
  1. Access Points
  2. Station Points
  1. Visible Light Communications Market – By Applications
  1. Indoor Applications
  2. Outdoor Applications
  3. Underwater Communications
  1. Visible Light Communications Market – By End-User Industry
  1. Retail
  2. Museums & Art Gallery
  3. Hospital
  4. Commercial
  5. Residential
  6. Smart Cities
  7. Aviation
  8. Transportation
  9. Others
  1. Visible Light Communication Market by Geography (covers 10+ countries)
  2. Visible Light Communication Entropy Market
  3. Manufacturer Citied / Interviewed
  1. Avago Technologies
  2. Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
  3. Panasonic Corporation
  4. LVX Systems
  5. Lightpointe Communications, Inc.
  6. Gallium Lighting, Llc
  7. Koninklijke Philips N.V.
  8. Nakagawa Laboratories, Inc.
  9. NEC Corporation
  10. Outstanding Technology Co. Ltd.
  11. Velmenni
  12. Company 12
  13. Company 13
  14. Company 14
  15. Company 15+

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What can you expect from the report?

The Visible Light Communication Market Report is Prepared with the Main Agenda to Cover the following 20 points:

1. Market Size by Product Categories & Application 11. Demand Analysis (Revenue & Volume)

2. Market trends & Relevant Market Data 12. Country level Analysis

3. Manufacturer Landscape 13. Competitor Analysis

4. Distributor Landscape 14. Market Shares Analysis

5. Pricing Analysis 15. Value Chain Analysis

6. Top 10 End user Analysis 16. Supply Chain Analysis

7. Product Benchmarking 17. Strategic Analysis

8. Product Developments 18. Current & Future Market Landscape Analysis

9. Mergers & Acquisition Analysis 19. Opportunity Analysis

10. Patent Analysis 20. Revenue and Volume Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Does IndustryARC publish country or application based reports in Visible Light Communication Market segment?

Response: Yes, we do have separate reports as mentioned below:

  1. America Visible Light Communication Market (2018-2023)
  2. Europe Visible Light Communication Market (2018-2023)
  3. Asia-Pacific Visible Light Communication Market (2018-2023)
  4. Component Visible Light Communication Market (2018-2023)
  5. Application Visible Light Communication Market (2018-2023)
  6. End-User Visible Light Communication Market (2018-2023)

Q. Does IndustryARC provide customized reports and charge additionally for limited customization?

Response: Yes, we can customize the report by extracting data from our database of reports and annual subscription databases. We can provide the following free customization:

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2. Increase the number of countries in geography chapter.

3. Find out market shares for other smaller companies or companies which are of interest to you.

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