Wheat Protein Isolates Market Research Analysis 2020

What are Wheat Protein Isolates?

Wheat Protein Isolates are a dietary supplement that is low in fat and carbohydrates and rich in protein. It is made by removing starch from the wheat and then drying the remaining fraction which contains protein to retain the viscoelastic properties. This product is popular amongst sportspersons, who are into strength training and bodybuilding. High protein in wheat protein isolates provides better muscle growth. Further, wheat protein isolate is not derived from any dairy products, this enables it to be lactose-free.

Different Products, End-use Industry, and Applications

The types of wheat protein isolates include wheat gluten, wheat protein isolate, textured wheat protein, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. The wheat gluten segment held the largest share in the wheat protein isolate market segmented by product type. Wheat gluten offers a wide range of applications which include texturing, viscoelasticity, emulsification, foaming and binding. The application of wheat protein isolates for binding has a wide range of applications in bakery. The wide-scale application of the wheat gluten is fueling the high market share in terms of revenue in this segment. The wheat protein isolates are used in industries such as pet food, whole-grain baked goods, wheat gluten bakery & snacks, nutria bars, cereals, and others. The bakery & snacks were the leading segments in the wheat protein isolates market segmented by the end-use industry. Further, the pet food segment is expected to grow at the fastest rate over the next few years. The rise in expenditure for pet food in developing countries like India and Brazil is expected to drive the segment in the near future.

North America is the largest market for Wheat Protein Isolates

North America led the wheat protein market in terms of revenue, in 2018. Growing consumption of snacks, bakery products and nutritional supplements are some of the key factors driving the market in the region. Further, new product launches from industry leaders like MGP Ingredients Inc. and Cargill is expected to drive the market in the region. North America was followed by Europe in the wheat protein isolate market, in terms of revenue. Asia Pacific is expected to grow fastest over the next few years. China and India are major wheat-producing countries, further increasing health awareness and change in lifestyle is expected to drive the wheat protein isolate market in the region.

Market Drivers

Some of the key factors driving the wheat protein isolates market size involve veganism, nutritional benefits for lactose intolerant people, change in preference and lifestyle of consumers. This is a great boost for consumers, who are lactose intolerant and are into sports and bodybuilding. They can easily choose wheat-based protein isolate over whey-based protein isolate. Further, the growing application of wheat protein isolates in a wide range of industries is one of the key factors driving the wheat protein isolate market. The wheat protein isolate is a popular source of protein for people following veganism and vegetarian. This will be a key factor driving the market, as consumers who are turning vegans can now choose wheat protein isolates over whey protein isolate.

Key Companies Outlook

The manufacturers of Wheat Protein Isolates address the increasing competition in the market and adopting various strategies. Product innovation is the key strategy used by the players in the Wheat Protein Isolates industry, to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors.

The Wheat Protein Isolates top 10 companies include Cargill, Manildra Group, MGP Ingredients, Agrana, Tereos Syral, Roquette, CropEnergies, Kröner-Stärke, Crespel & Deiters, Gluten y Almidones Industriales, and Glico Nutrition.