Synthetic biology is the branch that involves redesigning of a living system so that it can be used for some useful applications. Synthetic biology enables life technology to synthesize, design, test, and deploy variants and antigen with quick results and capacity. Synthetic biology market is set to witness prominent growth in coming future owing to the demanding applications of the technology in various field such anti-cancer and anti-tumor drug discovery, efficient biofuel production, enhanced crop productivity, sustainable waste treatment, development of enhanced industrial enzymes and so on. Synthetic biology is also used in fabrication process, developing bio-based products and services, increasing the rate of natural fermentation for polymers and increasing efficiency in bioprocessing of pharmaceuticals. Utilization of synthetic biology for wide range of potential application from life sciences research to biofuel research has positively affected the growth of the market.

Rising scarcity and negative impact on environment due to excessive use of natural fuel have led to an urgent need to develop alternative fuels. Synthetic biology is used for the development of biodegradable plastics, plant-based cleaning supplies and renewable energy sources. Hence, the need for alternative fuel for decreasing the dependency on natural fuel has driven the synthetic biology market. Synthetic biology is slowly reorienting the field of drug discovery. Synthetic biology technique is also applied to promote regeneration including synthesis of scaffold material, biosynthesis and controlled release of therapeutic molecules, regulation of stem cell and programming cell to organize themselves in to novel tissue development.

Increasing advancement of genetics and biological modeling system had developed many drugs and vaccines. In 2010, the U.S. scientists developed a new type of bacteria that has the potential to drive significant advances in biomedicine. Synthetic biology provides better understanding of complex diseases, which assists in developing new vaccination of those diseases. Hence, significant requirement of improved drugs and vaccines has propelled the growth of synthetic biology market.

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