August 16, 2022
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Commercial Microphone Market Size Forecast to Reach $2.2 Billion by 2026

The Global Commercial Microphone Market size is forecast to reach $2.2 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026. The Commercial Microphone market is driven primarily by the factors such as increasing demand from educational institutions due to higher productivity of students and demands from online performing artists. Rising adoption of commercial microphones due to rapid technological advancements as well growth of consumer electronics industry. These microphones are being deployed with advanced technology such as commercial amplifier, preamplifier, diaphragm as well as Automatic Performance Control to provide improved sound quality and management. The growth of the microphone market is fueled by high adoption of next-generation consumer electronics, elevated use of piezoelectric microphones in IoT applications, escalated demand for modern microphones for use in smart wearable devices, and the increased number of microphones per device.

Key Takeaways
Wireless microphones have caused high demands in the commercial microphone market prior to its improved flexibility and sound performance.
RODE Microphones and Audio-Technica Corporation are some of the major players who have helped in fuelling the market growth in Asia Pacific region.
Rising adoption by education sector along with growing demands of online platforms are the major driving factors for the high growth of commercial microphones in the market.

Commercial Microphone Market Segment Analysis – By Technology
As compared to wired microphones, wireless microphones are facing high demands in the commercial microphone market and occupy a share of 21% in 2020. Growing adoption of smartphones and vlogging has been fuelling the market demand towards wireless microphones. Deploying on technologies like wifi, Bluetooth and many others along with integration of preamplifiers and automatic performance control have caused huge dominance of wireless microphones in the market. Wireless microphones provides better sound performance along with high flexibility as it removes the need for cables unlike wired ones, thus gaining high popularity in the market. With the help of wireless microphones, conferencing becomes more efficient, thus propelling its market demand.

Commercial Microphone Market Segment Analysis – By End User Industry
The Automotive industry is set to grow at a fast rate of 6.9% as the market rebounds from Covid-19. The automotive industry was one of the encouraging growth opportunities for the microphone market because of the evolving demand for technologies such as speech recognition, hands-free driving, etc. However, considering the current scenario of the decreasing demand for automobiles, the market for microphones is also expected to witness a slowdown in the near future.

Commercial Microphone Market Segment Analysis – Geography
Asia Pacific is expected to have a major growth in the global Commercial Microphone market during the forecast period from 2021 to 2026 to reach 35% share by 2026. Presence of key players such as RODE Microphones and Audio-Technica Corporation are providing a major contribution towards the growth of commercial microphone market. Rising technological growth along with rising adoption by major industry verticals are fuelling the growth of commercial microphone market in this region.

Commercial Microphone Market Drivers
Growing adoption by education sector
With rapid technological advancements, modernisation of education system is causing major demands towards commercial microphone market. As commercial microphones helps in improving teaching standards within a large group along with reducing teachers efforts, they are getting widely deployed in educational institutes. Moreover, commercial microphones help students towards better learning by improved speech intelligibility and comprehension. Educational institutions have been widely deploying these microphones while addressing school/college programs, assemblies, online classes along with many other applications, thus causing significant market growth. Rising growth of wireless microphones having Bluetooth and wifi connecting facilities had been also propelling the market demand towards commercial microphones.

Rising growth of online platforms
Commercial Microphones have been facing huge demands due to rising adoption for online platforms. Video podcasting, Vlogging and many others are the major areas which have been deploying commercial microphones. Adoption of commercial microphones while recording videos for online platforms have been showing a substantial rise in the market growth. Online platforms such as Youtube are helping in encouraging talents like music, fashion blogging along with many others. High deployments of commercial microphones with featues such as preamplifier and automatic performance control by content creators and artists nowadays have been causing major demands in the market.

Commercial Microphone Market Challenges
Higher cost and maintenance
A major challenge faced by the Commercial Microphone market is the high costs. Since these microphones are used for various demanding applications, they incur high costs reducing its affordability rate. Moreover, rising developments of commercial microphones has been also acting as a major factor towards increasing costs. Commercial microphones also face issues of wear and tear due to battery life, thus causing additional maintenance costs. Commercial microphones are more prone to issues like battery damage incase of prolonged usage, which causes maintenance requirements. This leads to higher investments by the users, thus restraining the market growth of commercial microphones.

Market Landscape
Partnerships and acquisitions along with product launches are the key strategies of the players in the Commercial Microphone market. The major key players in the Commercial Microphone Market include Blue Microphones, RODE Microphones, Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG, Audio-Technica Corporation, Shure Incorporated, Sony Electronics Inc., Samson Technologies Corporation, AKG Acoustics GmbH, Electro-Voice and AAC Technologies.

Partnerships/Product Launches/Acquisition
In February 2020, Sony Electronics Inc. launched a ceiling beam forming microphone in order to offer an advanced audio solution for enterprises. This microphone was developed to help enterprises in offering flexible hands free lectures and presentations. With dual channel output for simultaneous recording, this microphone helps in improving audio experience across education and corporate organizations.
In September 2019, Blue had introduced Yeti X USB microphone for use in gaming, streaming as well as podcasting. Combined with Blue voice technology, this yeti microphone was designed to help content creators in improving dial up professional vocal effects along with custom presents with a push of button. The four capsule condenser microphone array helps in providing exceptional clarity along with real time feedback for vocal levels and multi-function smart knob for instant control.